The Mom Test by Rob Fitzpatrick

A delightful book for Product Managers

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Why should you read this book?

Because, we have a desire to build something that is truly valuable to our customers and to do that, we have to ensure what we are building truly makes their lives better

My learnings

Chapter 1:

The MoM Test

  • Don’t just ask your mom if your business idea is a good idea but don’t ask anybody else if your business idea is a good idea

Chapter 2:

Avoiding bad data

  • 3 types of bad data — compliments, fluff (generics, hypothetical, I shall do this in the future blah blah), ideas

Chapter 3:

Asking important questions

  • You should be asking questions that have the potential to destroy your currently imagined business/idea! — Very important! — Else you aren’t asking the right questions and are merely seeking an approval!

Chapter 4:

Keeping it casual

  • Don’t be formal! Keep it casual. Don’t try setting up a meeting, immediately jump to conversation mode and ask good questions.

Chapter 5:

Commitment and Advancement

  • Once its time to present your idea (i.e after it is confirmed that there is a market for your problem-solution, you can build it, people will pay for it), its time to reveal your solution. However…..

Chapter 6:

Finding conversations

  • Just have a good conversation. People love talking about their problems

Chapter 7:

Choosing your customers

  • Startups don’t starve, they drown! You never have too few options, too few ideas. You have too many and you try to a little bit of everything!

Chapter 8:

Running the process

  • Don’t be the learning bottleneck! — Involve others in the customer conversations!

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I love the profession of Product Management that helps me build meaningful relationships with teams and customers. I just can’t get enough of reading!