the right it — Alberto Savoia (Part 2 of 2)

  • Thinking Tools — To clarify your idea and identify the data you need to collect
  • Pretotyping Tools to test your idea in the market and collect YODA (Your Own Data)
  • Analysis Tools — To interpret data you collect with Objectivity and translate it into decisions.

Thinking Tools

Tools for Testing Your Idea in the Market and gathering YODA

So what makes a successful Pretotype?

  • A pretotype must produce YODA with skin in the game.
  • A pretotype can be implemented quickly.
  • A pretotype can be implemented cheaply.
  • How do you choose which pretotypes to use?
  • How many different experiments do you need to run?
  • How much data do you need to collect?
  • When can you stop testing?

Analysis Tools

TRI Meter — Gauge to show you how likely your idea will succeed

Good practices for Testing

Good Book…One to add to your library!



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I love the profession of Product Management that helps me build meaningful relationships with teams and customers. I just can’t get enough of reading!