the right it — Alberto Savoia (Part 2 of 2)

  • Pretotyping Tools to test your idea in the market and collect YODA (Your Own Data)
  • Analysis Tools — To interpret data you collect with Objectivity and translate it into decisions.

Thinking Tools

Market Engagement Hypothesis (MEH)

Tools for Testing Your Idea in the Market and gathering YODA


So what makes a successful Pretotype?

  • A pretotype must produce YODA with skin in the game.
  • A pretotype can be implemented quickly.
  • A pretotype can be implemented cheaply.
  • How many different experiments do you need to run?
  • How much data do you need to collect?
  • When can you stop testing?

Analysis Tools

The Skin-in-the-game Caliper — Tool to decide which kind of data is good data

TRI Meter — Gauge to show you how likely your idea will succeed

Now that you have collected YODA, given them Skin-in-the-game points, lets plot your idea on the TRI Meter and figure out how likely your idea is going to succeed.

Good practices for Testing

Finally here are tips to keep in mind while you are beginning to test your ideas.

Good Book…One to add to your library!



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