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4 min readJul 4, 2020

Office Desk Reservation System in a Post Pandemic World

Please feel free to use the wireframes as you wish dear readers. These are my designs and you are free to download them/use them as you deem correct.

Wireframing is an important skill to have for any Product Manager inorder to convey ideas to the team. Tools like Balsamiq are of great help here.

Assumption that such a problem exists and users care to pay for the problem to be solved is validated.


It is a Post Pandemic World, with reduced number of Office Desks owing to Social Distancing. Some employees are required to work from home while others who choose to work from the Office are to know that should the number of employees present in Office on any given day exceed the number of available desks, they will have to work from home.

What is the Problem?

  • How do Office employees know if there are enough desks available in the office
  • How do Office Managers know how many desks are reserved by their employees and how many of them are available?
  • How do the Office Maintenance Team know which desks have been used on any given day so as to focus their efforts on cleaning them thoroughly?

Who is this Problem a problem for?

  • Employees who commute long distances to be able to work from Offices and are unsure if they will have to return back incase all desks are occupied.
  • Office Managers who don’t have any visibility into how many desks are available in an Office and how many desks are reserved
  • The Office Maintenance Team, who want to focus on deep cleaning only those desks that are used, towards the end of the day

Ways to Solve the Problem

  • An instant communication channel like Slack, where the Office Manager advertises the available desks on Slack and the first people to respond on any given day have their desks reserved in Office
  • Reservation by Email. Drop an email to the Office Manager, receive a confirmation.
  • The Office Manager floats a Shared Document, like Google Spreadsheets or Box Notes. Employees reserve on a first come first serve basis
  • Mobile app that serves all three personas (Office Manager, Employees, Office Maintenance Staff)
  • Buy Licenses to Third Party Products that allow remote reservation.

Tool Used for Wireframing

Balsamiq: https://balsamiq.com/


Scenario 1:
The Office Manager signs up as an administrator on the app

Scenario 2: The Office Manager signs up their Office Location and submits the floor plan

Scenario 3: The Office Employee is able to see the number of available desks and reserve desks

Scenario 4: The Employee receives a confirmation that their desk has been reserved

Scenario 5: The Office Manager is able to see the number of desks reserved versus those that are available

Scenario 6: The Office Maintenance Team is able to see which desks need Deep Cleaning as it has been used.




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